National certification (Ü marking)

Federal Industrialised Building and Off-Site Manufactured Houses Quality Assurance Association (Bundes-Gütegemeinschaft Montagebau und Fertighäuser e.V. – BMF) is a monitoring and certification body according to § 28 of the State Building Code of North-Rhine Westphalia (LBO Nordrhein-Westfalen) and the Construction Products Regulation.

The monitoring and certification body has the task of helping to ensure implementation of the protection objectives of the state building codes and the Construction Products Regulation. The protection objectives include:

  • Mechanical strength and stability
  • Fire protection
  • Hygiene, health and environmental protection
  • Safety of use
  • Sound insulation
  • Energy savings and thermal insulation

Timber panel elements

Compliance verification and compliance marking according to the new building codes of the federal states in Germany

In the state building codes of the respective federal states, the Ü-marking is required as verification  of compliance for certain construction products. According to the Construction Products List (“Bauregelliste”), this requirement also applies to wall, ceiling and roof elements clad or sheathed on both sides.

Based on the Guidelines for the Monitoring of Wall, Ceiling and Roof Panels for Panel Construction Timber Houses to DIN 1052, as a recognised body, the BMF conducts monitoring in the production facilities.

The manufacturer labels their wooden panel elements with the Ü-marking as visible verification of compliance with all requirements.

This BMF service is available to all manufacturers of this construction product and is not tied to association membership.

Dovetail Joint

To use the dovetail joint in load-bearing timber structures without additional connectors, they must be made in accordance with Approval Z-9.1-649 issued by the Association of Joiners (Verband HIGH-TECH-ABBUND im Zimmererhandwerk e.V.) Companies that have this approval confirm the compliance of the components produced with the requirements from the national technical approval through regular factory production controls and external monitoring. The external monitoring is carried out at least once a year by a test body recognised by the Deutschen Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt).

The BMF offers this external monitoring to its clients and awards the compliance marking as a proof of conformity. The certified company is thus entitled to mark the construction product with the Ü-marking.


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